SCHALLER pick up 10/84 PIEZO 723

SCHALLER  pick up 10/84 PIEZO 723
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Cijena: 300.00 kn
Šifra proizvoda : 10/84 PIEZO 723
Proizvođač: SCHALLER
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723  for a visible installation on the instrument. Therefore equipped with a rugged, chrome- or gold-plated housing. Comes complete with a 3m connection cable with jack plug.

Our patented Oyster pickups offer a natural and powerful reproduction of the instrument sound without active circuits or preamps. The excellent sound result is achieved by a perfect interaction of diaphragm, piezo element and plastic contact gel. All Oyster models are fixed with a dual-sided adhesive foil or alternatively with a removable glueing pad that won't damage the instrument's top. Models 721 and 722 are designed for internal, models 723 to 727 for external installation.

For guitars with a very good resonance we recommend the thin glueing platelets. The use of the silicon rubber is ideal if very high volume levels are to be achieved. Proceed as follows: cut off about 2cm of bonding mass, pull off the protective foil and with the underside of the pickup press a round lump of glue onto the guitar. Done!

Recommended installation:

Since every guitar has a different resonance and construction, you should determine by trial the best position for the pickup on your actual instrument. There are three methods commonly used in practice:

  1. under the strings, in front of the bridge, between the 2nd and 3rd treble string;
  2. directly on the treble side of the bridge;
  3. behind the bridge, on the treble side

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