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NUX WK-310 digitalni pianino

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Digitalni pianino 88 tipki,3 pedale,simulacija 128 različituh zvukova

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WK-310 Digital Piano

Low Profile yet Stylish Design

88 keys scaled hammer action keyboard

Over 120 tones

Split keyboard, twin piano great for teaching, learning and composing

Silent practice option

Great expandability, play along apps on your smart phone or tablets.

 A practical digital piano with authentic grand piano playing experience that shapes your lifestyle

A perfect home always contains artistic and cultural decoration elements. WK-310 comes with a low-profile yet stylish design which makes it a nice merchandise to add style to your home. The sampling of the grand piano tone is from Steinway nine feet grand piano with 5 dynamic levels. The 88 keys keyboard with 4 dynamic curves Sensitive reaction never misses any slight change of your finger press. Want to experience a new way of learning, practicing and playing piano like never before? Hook up apps on smartphone or tablets via Bluetooth with the WK-310 to find out.

Low Profile yet Stylish Design

Only 32cm in depth, the NUX WK-310 digital piano is designed to fit in any house. 

The cover comes with a buffer mechanism system which makes it a full-time protector for the keyboards.

Grand piano tone that comes with Dream SAM5000 Serials DSP

Enforced by Dream SAM5000 serials DSP, the grand piano tone of the NUX WK-310 comes from German nine-foot concert grand piano with absolutely accurate tone and great dynamic, it never needs tuning.

The keyboard that matters

To accurately simulates the playing experience of a grand piano, the NUX WK-310 equipped with 88 keys scaled hammer action keyboard originated from Italy.

Play along with Apps via Bluetooth.

Thanks to the development of technology, you can now learn to play piano on your own. Hook up your WK-310 to the apps on your smartphone or tablet and start to learn to play piano now!



Upright, PVC black satin finish


88-keys scaled hammer action keyboard

Sound Chip

Dream 5708 DSP, 128 built-in tones, 52 demo songs.

Max. Polyphony


Wireless Method

Bluetooth 4.0


7 segments x 3 LED


Metronome, Recording, Play, Menu, Voice


4 dynamic curves, Pitch shift, metronome, Dual keyboard, Dual voice, percussion tone, delay and reverb.

Master volume control


Soft, Sostenuto, Damper


DC 12V, USB MIDI, AUXIN, LINE OUT, Headphones X 2, Pedal


4.5” x 2 @10W

Power supply



(W x D x H): 1354 x 332 x 772(mm)