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NUVO NURG 320BBL blok flauta

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NUVO blok flauta sa silikonskim tipkama

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The Nuvo Recorder+ is a soprano recorder that is easier and more fun to play than a traditional recorder.

It has a unique silicone key system which allows for larger tone holes resulting in less squeaking than a traditional recorder and a warm, mellow tone. The key system enables beginners to progress more quickly and gain confidence in their musical journey.

The Recorder+ has standard recorder fingering so any recorder method book or media can be used. It plays 2 octaves and is fully chromatic in Baroque or German fingering.

The Recorder+ is 100% waterproof so it can be easily cleaned in hot, soapy water and comes with a hard plastic case and fingering chart. It has an adjustable thumb rest and removable rings (at the bottom) which can be used as a rewards system which students have to “earn” back.