ADAM HALL K4YWMM0300 audio kabel 3 met

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Audio kabel 3,5 mm stereo jack/2×XLR muški ,3 metra

100,00 HRK
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Adam Hall Cables K4 YWMM 0300

Audio Cable REAN 3.5 mm Jack stereo to 2 x XLR male,3 m

Counterpart to K4YWFF but with male XLR plugs. This cable is used, for example, to connect modern signal sources such as MP3 players to the inputs of the mixing desk. High-quality cable material and REAN © plugs.


-Product type Pre-assembled Cables

-Type Audio cable

-Length 3 m

-Colour Black

-Cable diameter 4.3 mm

-Cross section 0.22 mm²

-Connector 1-A XLR

-Gender of connector 1-A male

-Poles of connector 1-A 3

-Contacts of connector 1-A silver plated

-Manufacturer of connector 1-A Rean

-Model number connector 1-A RC3M

-Connector 1-B XLR

-Gender of connector 1-B male

-Poles of connector 1-B 3

-Contacts of connector 1-B silver plated

-Manufacturer of connector 1-B Rean

-Model number connector 1-B RC3M

-Connector 2 3.5 mm jack

-Gender of connector 2 male

-Poles of connector 2 3

-Contacts of connector 2 nickel plated

-Manufacturer of connector 2 Rean

-Model number connector 2 RTP3C